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Yuzhe Tang

Assistant Professor
Dept. of EECS, Syracuse University
4206 Center of Science and Technology,
Syracuse, 13244-4100
ytang100 [at] syr [dot] edu
C.V.: [webpage],[pdf]
Ph.D.: Georgia Tech., B.Sc.: Fudan Univ.

  • Sep. 2021: Our paper accepted to ACM CCS 2021. Congrats to Kai and Yibo!

  • Aug. 2021: Our paper accepted to ACM IMC 2021. Congrats to Kai!

  • Aug. 2021: Our paper accepted to ACM Middleware 2021 (Industrial track).

  • Aug. 2021: Invited to serve a blockchain panel in VLDB’21 [link].

  • June 2021: Grateful to receive an NSF educational grant. We will be developing more blockchain labs.

  • June 2021: Our paper accepted to ESEC/FSE 2021. Congrats to Yibo, Kai and Jiaqi!

  • Oct. 2020: Our paper accepted to NDSS 2021. Congrats to Kai, Jiaqi and Xianghong!

  • Aug. 2020: Our paper accepted to Middleware 2020. Congrats to Kai and Zhehu!

  • Nov. 2019: Chair blockchain workshop BlockDM 2020. Please submit your best work [link].

  • July 2019: Deliver a public lecture to K-12 in Syracuse City School District.

  • Apr 2019: Honorable mention in Google & Intel 2019 C3 Challenge. Congrats to Kai and Burak! [link]

  • May 2018: Release blockchain labs and deliver them in the SEED workshop: [link].

  • Apr. 2018: Release Intel SGX labs: [link].

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in cybersecurity and distributed systems. My current research focuses on protocol analysis and design to understand and tackle the security-performance tradeoff in emerging security applications, including blockchains, transparency logs, cloud outsourcing, etc. On the one hand, I analyze and measure large-scale operational systems to identify, verify, and mitigate vulnerabilities. On the other hand, I design cost/performance optimization schemes and build middleware on security-centric distributed systems.

Recent Publications

Underline: students advised by Dr. Tang

  • K. Li, Y. Wang, Yuzhe Tang. “DETER: Denial of Ethereum Txpool sERvices”, ACM CCS 2021, blockchain design flaws DoS

  • K. Li, Yuzhe Tang, J. Chen, Y. Wang, X. Liu. “TopoShot: Uncovering Ethereum's Network Topology Leveraging Replacement Transactions”, ACM IMC 2021, AR=28% [pdf] network measurement blockchain overlay network

  • K. Li, J. Chen, X. Liu, Yuzhe Tang, X. Wang, X. Luo. “As Strong As Its Weakest Link: How to Break (and Fix) Blockchain DApps at RPC Service”, ISOC NDSS 2021, AR=15.2% [pdf], [slides] software security DoS blockchain

  • Y. Wang, Q. Zhang, K. Li, Yuzhe Tang, J. Chen, X. Luo, T. Chen. “iBatch: Saving Ethereum Fees via Secure and Cost-Effective Batching of Smart-Contract Invocations” ESEC/FSE 2021, AR=24.5% [pdf], [extended version], [html], [slides] blockchain cost-efficiency

  • Yuzhe Tang, K. Li, Q. Zhang, J. Xu, J. Chen. “Authenticated Key-Value Stores with Hardware Enclaves”, ACM/IFIP Middleware 2021 (Industrial track) [extended version] TEE, KV store data integrity

  • K. Li, Yuzhe Tang, J. Chen, Z. Yuan, C. Xu, J. Xu. “Cost-Effective Data Feeds to Blockchains via Workload-Adaptive Data Replication”, ACM/IFIP Middleware 2020, AR=25.2% [pdf], [extended version], [video], [slides] blockchain cost-efficiency

    • Open-source software passed the Middleware'20 artifact evaluation [code].

  • C. Zhang, C. Xu, J. Xu, Yuzhe Tang, B. Choi. “GEM^2-Tree: A Gas-Efficient Structure for Authenticated Range Queries in Blockchain”, IEEE ICDE 2019, Full Paper, AR=26.8% [pdf] blockchain application outsourced databases data integrity


I am fortunate and grateful to work with the following bright Ph.D. students.

  • Kai Li [link]: CCS'21 (1st author), IMC'21 (1st author), NDSS'21 (1st author), Middleware'20 (1st author). Internships: IBM Research (’20), Amazon (’21)

  • Yibo Wang [link]: FSE'21 (1st author)

  • Jiaqi Chen [link]: NDSS'21, IMC'21, FSE'21, Middleware'20 (co-author)

  • Xianghong Liu: NDSS'21, IMC'21 (co-author)

  • Yuxuan Zhou [link]

[Link] to our FullStack Security Lab (FSSL).


  • CIS629-FIN629 (2021/2020/2019/2018): Blockchain Foundations and Applications. [website]

  • CIS628/428 (2019): Introduction to applied cryptography. [website]

  • CSE384 (2019/2018/2017): Introduction to systems programming. [website]

  • CIS655 (2016/2015/2014): Advanced computer architecture. [website]

  • CIS700 (2015): Research seminar. [website]

Research Projects

Blockchain DoS security: [CCS21][IMC21][NDSS21]

DApp cost optimization: [FSE21][Middleware20][Middleware20w][TPDS13]

Secure data outsourcing: [ICDE19][ACSAC14][FC18w]

Privacy-preserving data federation: [Bioinformatics16][TKDE15][ICDCS14][CIKM11]

Efficient distributed storage systems: [CCGrid15][EDBT14][TPDS11][TKDE10][ICDCS09][ICDCS08]

SGX systems with minimal trust and side-channel security: [Middleware21i] [Project page]

Hands-on labs for security education.