The mission of our FSSL (FullStack Security Lab) at Syracuse University is to understand and improve the security of emerging web services and off-the-shelf hardware products in novel and deployed application scenarios. Our research method is usually a combination of protocol analysis, program analysis, real-world measurement, cost-effective defense, and other designs that can be put in a large-scale practical use.

  • Lab location: CST 4-294.

  • Dr. Tang's office: CST 4-193.

Current Ph.D. students

SC       SC       SC       SC       SC       SC      
Jiaqi Chen       Yibo Wang       Yuxuan Zhou       Wanning Ding       Zhihua Yang       Jin Yang      

Undergraduates (REU)

SC       SC       SC       SC       SC      
Lucy DiSalvo       Teddy Dumitru       Jack Willis       Eniola Mosaku       Nicholas P. Sweet      


  • Kai Li Ph.D. (Aug. 2018 - Apr. 2022) [link]: Tenure-track Assistant Professor at San Diego State Univ., 2022 NortonLifeLock Fellowship Finalist.

  • Qi Zhang, M.Sc.: CertiK

  • Sencer Burak Somuncuoglu, M.Sc.: Chainalysis

  • Katchaguy Areekijseree, M.Sc.: PhD at Syracuse Univ.

  • Hari Krishna Gajarla, M.Sc.: Bloomberg

  • Vinutha Karanth, M.Sc.: Microsoft

  • Zhehu Yuan [link], B.Sc.: Ph.D. at NYU

  • Qiwu Zou, B.Sc.: Cornell,

  • Hao Zhou, B.Sc.: Columbia

  • Congcong Xie, B.Sc.: NYU->Oracle

  • Adam Piekarski, B.Sc. (REU)

  • Jeong Bin Oh, B.Sc. (REU): A database startup

  • Cheng Xu (Visiting scholar) [link]: Postdoc at Simon Fraser Univ.

Group pictures

July, 2023 (Welcome party for Lucy)


Oct., 2022 (Attending CCS’22)


Mini lab reunion with Dr. Kai Li in Los Angeles when attending CCS’22.


Yibo presenting his work at ConsensusDay’22 in Los Angeles.

Apr., 2022


After Kai Li's Ph.D. defense

Nov., 2021


Aug., 2021


Aug., 2020


Jan., 2020


Oct., 2019


After an invited talk by Dr. Yue Duan.

July, 2019 (Summer REU)

Summer Research picture (July, 2019) 

Dec., 2018

Group picture (Dec., 2018) 

May, 2018

Group picture (May, 2018) 

July, 2017

Dr. Tang is with Mrs. Gwen Raeford after giving giving a talk in the NSBE Junior Science Camp (National Society of Black Engineers) to Grades 7 - 12 in the Syracuse City School District. 

After a lecture to the NSBE Junior Science Camp