Yuzhe Tang

• +1 678 793 2706 • ecs.syr.edu/faculty/yuzhe
4-206 Center for Science and Technology, Syracuse, NY 13244-4100, USA

Academic Appointments

2014* -
Assistant Professor, Department of EECS, Syracuse University

* including parental leaves (two times)


Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA USA), 2009-2014
Fudan University (Shanghai, China), 2006-2009
Fudan University (Shanghai, China), 2002-2006

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in cyber-security and distributed systems. My current research focuses on distributed systems security and efficiency, in emerging/evolving infrastructures and applications such as blockchains, web infrastructures, cloud computing, etc. My research tackles the fundamental design tradeoff between security and performance. On the one hand, I analyze and measure large-scale deployed systems to identify, verify, and mitigate vulnerabilities. On the other hand, I optimize performance and build middlewares on security-centric systems.


CCS 21
DETER: Denial of Ethereum’s Txpool-basEd seRvices
Kai Li, Yibo Wang, Yuzhe Tang
ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) 2021
IMC 21
TopoShot: Uncovering Ethereum’s Network Topology Leveraging Replacement Transactions
Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Jiaqi Chen, Yibo Wang, Xianghong Liu
ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2021
Acceptance rate=28%
As Strong As Its Weakest Link: How to Break Blockchain DApps at RPC Service
Kai Li, Jiaqi Chen, Xianghong Liu, Yuzhe Tang, XiaoFeng Wang, Xiapu Luo
The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) 2021
Acceptance rate=15.2%
FSE 21
iBatch: Saving Ethereum Fees via Secure and Cost-Effective Batching of Smart-Contract Invocations
Yibo Wang, Qi Zhang, Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Jiaqi Chen, Xiapu Luo, Ting Chen
ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE) 2021
Acceptance rate=24.5%
Middleware 21i
Authenticated Key-Value Stores with Hardware Enclaves
Yuzhe Tang, Kai Li, Qi Zhang, Jianliang Xu, Ju Chen
ACM/IFIP Middleware 2021 (Industrial track)
ToNSE 21
VFChain: Enabling Verifiable and Auditable Federated Learning via Blockchain Systems
Zhe Peng, Jianliang Xu, Xiaowen Chu, Shang Gao, Yuan Yao, Rong Gu, Yuzhe Tang
IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (ToNSE) 2021
Middleware 20
Cost-Effective Data Feeds to Blockchains via Workload-Adaptive Data Replication
Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Jiaqi Chen, Zhehu Yuan, Cheng Xu, Jianliang Xu
ACM/IFIP Middleware conference 2020
Acceptance rate=25.2%
Scalable Log Auditing on Private Blockchains via Lightweight Log-Fork Prevention
Yuzhe Tang, Kai Li, Yibo Wang, Sencer Burak Somuncuoglu
Workshop on Scalable and Resilient Infrastructures for Distributed Ledgers 2020, co-located with ACM/IFIP Middleware conference 2020
GEM^2-Tree: A Gas-Efficient Structure for Authenticated Range Queries in Blockchain
Ce Zhang, Cheng Xu, Jianliang Xu, Yuzhe Tang, Byron Choi
IEEE 36th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) 2020
Acceptance rate=26.8%
SComm 19
Secure Consistency Verification for Untrusted Cloud Storage by Public Blockchains
Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Beom Heyn Kim, Jianliang Xu
SecureComm 2019
SComm 19
Authenticated LSM Trees with Minimal Trust
Yuzhe Tang, Ju Chen, Kai Li
SecureComm 2019 (Short paper)
Hands-on Labs for Secure Programming on Modern Trusted Platforms,
Yuzhe Tang, Wenliang Du
The Colloquium For Information Systems Security Education, 2019
Computing Node Clustering Coefficients Securely
K. Areekijseree, Yuzhe Tang, Sucheta Soundarajan
IEEE ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), 2019 (Poster paper)
SComm 18
Secure and Efficient Multi-Party Directory Publication for Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing
K. Areekijseree, Ju Chen, Yuzhe Tang, Shuang Wang, Arun Iyengar and B. Palanisamy
SecureComm 2018, Acceptance rate=30.6%
Cloud 18
ChainFS: Blockchain-Secured Cloud Storage
Qiwu Zou, Yuzhe Tang, Ju Chen, Kai Li, Charles Kamoua, Kevin Kwiat, Laurent Njilla
IEEE Cloud 2018, Acceptance rate=20%
Cloud 18
Pinchao Liu, Liting Hu, Hailu Xu, Zhiyuan Shi, Jason Liu, Qingyang Wang, Jai Dayal and Yuzhe Tang
A Toolset for Detecting Containerized Application’s Dependencies in CaaS Clouds
IEEE Cloud 2018, Acceptance rate=20%
Cloud 18
Hailu Xu, Liting Hu, Pinchao Liu, Yao Xiao, Wentao Wang, Jai Dayal, Qingyang Wang and Yuzhe Tang
Oases: An Online Scalable Spam Detection System for Social Networks
IEEE Cloud 2018, Acceptance rate=20%
FC 18w
Lightweight Blockchain Logging for Data-Intensive Applications
Yuzhe Tang, Zihao Xing, Cheng Xu, Ju Chen, Jianliang Xu
The Workshop of Trusted Smart Contract at the International Conference of Financial Cryptography 2018
VT 18
Non-interactive Identity-based Underwater data transmission with Anonymity and Zero-knowledge
Changsheng Wan, Vir V Phoha, Yuzhe Tang, Aiqun Hu
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 2017
CIC 17
PADS: Privacy-preserving Auction Design for Allocating Dynamically Priced Cloud Resources
Jinlai Xu, Balaji Palanisamy, Yuzhe Tang, SD Madhu Kumar
SOSP 17w
Strongly Secure and Efficient Data Shuffle on Hardware Enclaves
Ju Chen, Yuzhe Tang, Hao Zhou
The Workshop of Systems Software for Trusted Execution (SysTEX) at ACM SOSP 2017
Towards Secure Public Directory for Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing
Amin Fallahi, Xi Liu, Yuzhe Tang, Shuang Wang, Rui Zhang
IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, Poster
Social-Aware Decentralization for Efficient and Secure Multi-Party Computation
Yuzhe Tang, Sucheta Soundarajan
The Workshop of Big-Data Privacy and Security at IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems
BMC 16
Secure Multi-pArty Computation Grid LOgistic REgression (SMAC-GLORE)
Haoyi Shi, Chao Jiang, Wenrui Dai, Xiaoqian Jiang, Yuzhe Tang, Lucila Ohno-Machado and Shuang Wang
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making [open access]
SecDev 16
Towards Building Practical And Secure Multi-Party Databases
Yuzhe Tang, Wenqing Zhuang
IEEE Cyber-security Development Conference 2016 (Abstract)
Bioinfomatics 16
HEALER: Homomorphic computation of ExAct Logistic rEgRes-sion for secure rare disease variants analysis in GWAS
Shuang Wang, Y. Zhang, W. Dai, K. Lauter, M. Kim, Yuzhe Tang, X. Jiang
Oxford Journals BioInformatics, doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btv563
BMC 15
Privacy-preserving GWAS analysis on federated genomic datasets
Scott D Constable, Yuzhe Tang, Shuang Wang, Xiaoqian Jiang, Steve Chapin
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2015, [Open access]
Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Search in Information Networks
Yuzhe Tang, Ling Liu
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 27(9): 2424-2437 (2015)
CCGrid 15
Deferred Lightweight Indexing for Log-Structured Key-Value Stores
Yuzhe Tang, Arun Iyengar, Wei Tan, Liana Fong, Ling Liu, Balaji Palanisamy
IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing 2015: 11-20
Best Paper Award
KTV Tree: Interactive Top-K Aggregation on Large Dataset in Cloud
Yuzhe Tang, Ling Liu, Junichi Tatemura, Hakan Hacigumus
IEEE International Conference of Distributed Computing Systems Workshops 2015: 136-141
HotCloud 15
Privacy-Preserving Offloading of Mobile App to the Public Cloud
Yue Duan, Mu Zhang, Heng Yin, Yuzhe Tang
USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing 2015
Acceptance rate=32.8%
TBC 15
Secure Multi-party Computation on Grid Logistic Regression
Haoyi Shi, Shuang Wang, Wenrui Dai, Yuzhe Tang, Xiaoqian Jiang, LucilaOhno-Machado
Annual Translational Bioinformatics Conference 2015
Lightweight Authentication of Freshness in Outsourced Key-Value Stores
Yuzhe Tang, Ling Liu, Xin Hu, Jiyong Jang
USENIX/ACM Annual Computer Security Applications Conference 2014: 176-185
Acceptance rate=19.9%
e-PPI: Locator Service in Information Networks with Personalized Privacy Preservation
Yuzhe Tang, Ling Liu, Arun Iyengar
IEEE International Conference of Distributed Computing Systems 2014: 186-197
Acceptance rate=13%
Diff-Index: Differentiated Index in Distributed Log-Structured Data Stores
Wei Tan, Sandeep Tata, Yuzhe Tang, Liana Fong
International Conference on Extending Database Technology 2014: 700-711
Acceptance rate=20%
Anonymizing Continuous Queries with Delay-tolerant Mix-zones on Road Networks
Balaji Palanisamy, Ling Liu, Kisung Lee, Shicong Meng, Yuzhe Tang
International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Databases 32(1): 91-118 (2014)
ICDE 14d
Outsourcing multi-version key-value stores with verifiable data freshness
Yuzhe Tang, Ling Liu, Ting Wang, Xin Hu, Reiner Sailer, Peter Pietzuch
IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering 2014: 1214-1217 (Demo paper)
Auto-pipelining for Data Stream Processing
Yuzhe Tang, Bugra Gedik
IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst. 24(12): 2344-2354 (2013)
Cloud 13
Residency Aware Inter-VM Communication in Virtualized Cloud: Performance Measurement and Analysis
Qi Zhang, Ling Liu, Yi Ren, Kisung Lee, Yuzhe Tang, Xu Zhao, Yang Zhou
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing 2013: 204-211
Cloud 13
Efficient and Customizable Data Partitioning Framework for Distributed Big RDF Data Processing in the Cloud
Kisung Lee, Ling Liu, Yuzhe Tang, Qi Zhang, Yang Zhou
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing 2013: 327-334
MSN 12
Location Privacy with Road Network Mix-Zones
Balaji Palanisamy, Ling Liu, Kisung Lee, Shicong Meng, Yuzhe Tang
IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks 2012: 124-131
Cloud 12
Reliable State Monitoring in Cloud Data Centers
Shicong Meng, Arun Iyengar, I. Rouvellou, Ling Liu, Kisung Lee, Balaji Palanisamy, Yuzhe Tang
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing 2012: 951-958
Best Paper Award
Privacy Preserving Indexing for eHealth Information Networks
Yuzhe Tang, Ting Wang, Ling Liu, Shicong Meng, Balaji Palanisamy
Conference on Information and Knowledge Management 2011: 905-914
Acceptance rate=15% (Full paper)
A Lightweight Multi-dimensional Index for Complex Queries over DHTs
Yuzhe Tang, Jianliang Xu, Shuigeng Zhou, Wang-Chien Lee, Dingxiong Deng, Yue Wang
IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst. 22(12): 2046-2054 (2011)
LIGHT: A Query-Efficient yet Low-Maintenance Indexing Scheme over DHTs
Yuzhe Tang, Shuigeng Zhou, Jianliang Xu
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 22(1): 59-75 (2010)
m-LIGHT: Indexing Multi-Dimensional Data over DHTs
Yuzhe Tang, Jianliang Xu, Shuigeng Zhou, Wang-Chien Lee
IEEE International Conference of Distributed Computing Systems 2009: 191-198
Acceptance rate=16%
LHT: A Low-Maintenance Indexing Scheme over DHTs
Yuzhe Tang, Shuigeng Zhou
IEEE International Conference of Distributed Computing Systems 2008: 141-151
In submission
Towards Saving Blockchain Fees via Secure and Cost-Effective Batching of Smart-Contract Invocations
Yibo Wang, Kai Li, Yuzhe Tang, Jiaqi Chen, Qi Zhang, Xiapu Luo, Ting Chen
In submission to TSE (IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering)
In submission
Efficiently Hardening SGX Enclaves against Side Channels via Dynamic Program Partitioning
Yuzhe Tang, Kai Li, Jiaqi Chen, Yibo Wang, Cheng Xu
In submission to ICSE 2022
In submission
AEEP: Automated Enclave EVM Partition
Xi Xiao, Hanqi Zhang, Wentao Xiao, Xiapu Luo, Yuzhe Tang, Xingjun Wang
In submission to ICSE 2022

Research Funds

Collaborative Research: SaTC: EDU: Developing Instructional Laboratories for Blockchain Security Applications,
Yuzhe Tang (PI), Jing Lei, Farzana Rahman, Hongmei Chi.
Total: $399,995, PI Tang’s portion: $340,000
National Science Foundation (NSF)
SaTC: Small: External Obliviousness in Trusted Execution Environments
Yuzhe Tang (Single PI), $496,999 + $16,000
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Planning IUCRC Syracuse University: Center for High-Assurance Secure Systems and IoT (CHASSI)
Shui-Kai Chin (PI), Yuzhe Tang (Co-PI), $15,000
National Science Foundation (NSF)
SGX-based Key-Management Applications in the Cloud
Yuzhe Tang (Single PI), $9,996
Intel Gift
Cryptographic Engineering on Modern Trusted Platforms
Yuzhe Tang (PI), Wenliang Du (Co-PI), $300,000
National Security Agency (NSA)
Secure Multi-Party Databases by Oblivious Query Translation and Execution
Yuzhe Tang (PI), $13,200
Air Force Research Lab Visiting Faculty Research Program
Optimizing Privacy-Preserving Analytics in Information Networks
Yuzhe Tang (PI), $69,861
Cyber Research Institute (CRI)

Internal Grants

Workload-Adaptive Designs for Cost-Effective Decentralized Applications on Blockchains
Yuzhe Tang (Single PI), $21,000,
CUSE Grant (Syracuse University Internal Grant)
On-Campus Blockchain Applications for Education and Beyond
Wenliang Du (PI), Yuzhe Tang (Co-PI), $30,000
CUSE Grant (Syracuse University Internal Grant)
Efficient Algorithms for Secure, Large-Scale Graph Mining
Yuzhe Tang (PI), Sucheta Soundarajan (Co-PI), $30,000
CUSE Grant (Syracuse University Internal Grant)


Adaptive Auto-pipelining in Stream Processing Applications
Bugra Gedik, Scott A. Schneider, Yuzhe Tang, Kun-lung Wu
US patent granted (US9098350B2)


Fall 2021
CIS629/FIN629, Blockchain Foundation and Applications
Fall 2020
CIS600/FIN600, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains
Fall 2019
CIS600/FIN600, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains
CIS628/CIS428, Introduction to Applied Cryptography
Spring 2019
CSE384, System Programming
Fall 2018
CIS600/FIN600, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Spring 2018
CIS300, Introduction to System Programming
Fall 2017
CIS700, Modern Information Security and Privacy
Spring 2017
CIS/CSE600, Applied Cryptography
CIS655/CSE661, Advanced Computer Architecture
CIS423, System Programming
Spring 2016
CIS700/CSE791, Big-Data and Cloud Security, website: [link]
Fall 2015
CIS655/CSE661, Advanced Computer Architecture, website: [link]
Spring 2015
CIS700/CSE791, Distributed Systems in Cloud, website: [link]
Fall 2014
CIS655/CSE661, Advanced Computer Architecture (180 students)




Professional Services

Program chair
Great Lake Security Day (GLSD 20/18)
The International Workshop of Blockchain and Data Management (BlockDM) 21/20/19 (co-located with ICDE)
Program committee
WWW (21/20), ICDCS (20/17/15), IPDPS 18, ICICS (22/21), IEEE Cloud 15, PAIS (16/15)
TOCS 17, TKDE (17/16/15), TSC (21/17/16/15), IEEE Computing 17, TWeb 15, TCSVT 14

Internship Experience

IBM Research (T.J. Watson Lab) at Yorktown Heights, NY USA
IBM Research (T.J. Watson Lab) at Yorktown Heights, NY USA
IBM Research (T.J. Watson Lab) at Hawthorn, NY USA
NEC Labs America at Cupertino, CA USA
Microsoft Research Asia at Beijing, China
IBM Corp. at Shanghai, China

Honors and Awards

Invited Talks

Research talks


Lectures to the general public