CIS700/CSE791: Big-Data and Cloud Security (BDCS)

Instructor: Yuzhe (Richard) Tang

Course schedule

Day Topic Readings Optional readings Questions
jan 22 Intro [slides]
feb 3 Intro [slides]
feb 5 security analysis cloud analysis[pdf], free shopping [pdf], cloud attack surface [pdf] SecEng-C1, vul-analysis [link] [link]
feb 12 container security KvmSec[pdf], graphene [pdf] drawbridge [pdf], docker security[pdf], cloud container[pdf], kubernetes[pdf], borg[pdf] [link]
feb 19 db optimizer progressive optimization[pdf], geo-distributed[pdf] RedBook-C7, DBO solved?[link], dist. query[acm] [link]
feb 26 data federation clio[pdf], bigdawg [pdf], large-curation[pdf] RedBook-C12, Turing'15[video] (db history and postgres) [link]
mar 4 Mid-term presentation
mar 11 consistency attacks concurrency attack overview [pdf], txos[pdf] RedBook-C6, feral concurrency[pdf], certificate transparency [acm link], ssi[pdf], fork-consistency[pdf], no-border[pdf] [link]
mar 25 TEE Flickr[pdf], OpenSGX[pdf], trust-ice[pdf], Intel x86 harmful[pdf] TEE intro [link], Iago attack[pdf] [link]
apr 8 Crypto basics-1 SecEng (Ch2,7,10,11-14,18)
apr 13 Crypto basics-2 SecEng (Ch5,6,etc)
apr 15 TEE DB CorrectDB [pdf], TrustedDB [pdf], trust-otp[pdf] [link]
apr 22 multi-party computing pantry[pdf], canon-mpc[pdf] snark[pdf], spdz[pdf], YaoGC [link]
apr 29 crypto-homomorphism inferrence attack[pdf], homo-sign[pdf], homo-mac[pdf] cipherbase[pdf], cryptdb[pdf], monomi[pdf], Crypto-C10, ope [pdf],Mylar[pdf] [link]
may 3 tor & verifiable program Vuvuzela [pdf], buffet[pdf] tor [pdf], Mix [pdf] [link]

Reference book

  • SecEng: Cryptography Engineering: Design Principles and Practical Applications 1st Edition, Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier, Tadayoshi Kohno.
  • RedBook: Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition, Peter Bailis, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Michael Stonebraker, editors. [free copy]
  • Crypto: Introduction to Modern Cryptography (2nd edition), Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell