Final exam


The final exam will take place from 1:00 PM to 2:40 PM, Dec. 18th, in Watson Theater.

The exam will be closed-book but allow 1-page cheat sheet and calculators; any other electronic devices including electronic watches, tablet, laptop, etc, will be prohibited. The final exam must be done individually. No collaboration will be allowed, and close monitoring will be enforced during the exam. Cheating in any form will NOT be tolerated.

During the exam, turn off your mobile phone, and put your SUID card on your table. You don't need to bring extra papers, and we will provide sufficient blank papers.


The final will cover the entire semaster. It will put more emphasis on the second half but still cover the first half. It will primarily be based on slides, and homework (use textbook as reference and secondary material).

The final will be similar to mid-term in terms of format.