Yuzhe (Richard) Tang  
  Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)
  Department of EECS
  Syracuse University
  Web: http://ecs.syr.edu/faculty/yuzhe
  Office: 4-193, CST (315.443.4350)
  Mailing: 4-206 Center for Science and Technology, Syracuse, NY 13244-4100

   I am looking for motivated students for Ph.D. admission with RA.
   If you know how to build and/or hack computer systems, drop me an email.


  • Oct 2018: Chair a Blockchain workshop; Please submit your work to BlockDM 2019 [link].
  • Fall 2018: Blockchain course for CS and finance students [course website],[syllabus]
  • May 2018: Deliever Blockchain lecture and labs in [SEED workshop]: [Blockchain lab modules]
  • May 2018: Our Blockchain paper, ChainFS, accepted to IEEE Cloud 2018, Congratulations to Qiwu!
  • May 2018: Deliever Blockchain tutorial for high-school teachers in NYC [slides]
  • Apr. 2018: Serve program committee in Blockchain IoT workshop: [link]
  • Apr. 2018: Release Intel SGX labs: [lab modules]
  • Apr. 2018: Two papers accepted in IEEE Cloud 2018
  • Mar. 2018: One paper accepted in SecureComm 2018
  • Feb. 2018: Our Blockchain work, TPAD, presented at WTSC 2018
  • Nov. 2017: Deliever Blockchain tutorial for IT professionals [webinar], [slides]


    Research areas:   Cyber-security, Distributed Systems
  • My research is funded by NSF, CRI, AFRL, CUSE grants, etc.

    Current focus:

  • Build access-pattern secure software on Intel SGX [Project page]
  • Build secure and high-performance enclaved storage on Intel SGX [Project page]
  • Enable security applications on Blockchains [FCw18]

    Past projects:

    Teaching areas:   Cryptography, Information Security, Computer Systems, Computer Architecture

Selected Recent Publications (
Complete list)

  • Qiwu Zou, Yuzhe Tang, Ju Chen, Kai Li, Charles Kamoua, Kevin Kwiat, Laurent Njilla. "ChainFS: Blockchain-Secured Cloud Storage", IEEE Cloud 2018, [pdf], [slides]
  • K. Areekijseree, Yuzhe Tang, Ju Chen, Shuang Wang, Arun Iyengar and B. Palanisamy. "Secure and Efficient Multi-Party Directory Publication for Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing." SecureComm 2018, AR=30.6% [pdf],[slides]
  • Yuzhe (Richard) Tang, Zihao Xing, Cheng Xu, Ju Chen, Jianliang Xu. "Lightweight Blockchain Logging for Data-Intensive Applications", 2nd Workshop of Trusted Smart Contracts 2018 at International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security [Extended abstract]
  • Ju Chen, Yuzhe (Richard) Tang, Hao Zhou. "Strongly Secure and Efficient Data Shuffle on Hardware Enclaves", SysTex 2017 at ACM SOSP (Workshop paper), [PDF (ACM), PDF (Full Report on arXiv)]
  • Yuzhe Tang, Sucheta Soundarajan. "Social-Aware Decentralization for Efficient and Secure Multi-Party Computation", ICDCS 2017 (Workshop paper) [pdf]


  • Intel SGX emulator/sdk by a Linux kernel module: [src]
  • Secondary indexes on key-value store (HBase): [src]

Group [

  • PhD: Ju Chen [link], Kai Li [link], Amin Fallahi
  • Master: Qinzhe Zhang, Zihao Xing, Sahil Deepak Shah
  • Undergraduate: Hao Zhou, Qiwu Zou, Muzhen Li
  • Visiting student: Cheng Xu [link]
  • Alumni: Hari Krishna Gajarla, Haoyi Shi (M.S.), Kang Lou, Katchaguy Areekijseree


  • 2018 Fall: CIS600/FIN600, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, [course website],[syllabus]
  • 2018 Spring: CIS300, Systems Programming, [course website]
  • 2017 Fall: CIS700, Modern Information Security and Privacy, [course website]
  • 2017 Spring: CIS600, Applied Cryptography, [course website]
  • 2017 Spring: CIS342, Systems Programming
  • 2017 Spring: CIS655/CSE699, Advanced Computer Architecture, [course website]
  • 2016 Spring: CIS700/CSE791, Big-Data and Cloud Security, [course website]
  • 2015 Fall: CIS655/CSE661, Advanced Computer Architecture, [course website]
  • 2015 Spring: CIS700/CSE791, Distributed Systems in Cloud, [course website]
  • 2014 Fall: CIS655/CSE661, Advanced Computer Architecture, [Course projects]

Professional Services

  • Program committee: ICDCS15, IEEE Cloud15, PAIS@EDBT15
  • Reviewer: ICDCS, TKDE, ICDE, TCSVT, Middleware, IEEE P2P, TWeb, DEBS, MDM, JPDC, TSC.
  • Reporting: Yuzhe Tang, et al. "HealthTech'14 Conference Report", USENIX ;login, Dec. 2014, [pdf]


Internship Experience

  • IBM Research (2013,2012,2011) at Yorktown Heights/Hawthorn, NY
  • NEC Labs America (2010) at Cupertino, CA
  • Microsoft Research Asia (2009) at Beijing, China
  • IBM Corp. (2006) at Shanghai, China